Hat Care

Storing and handling.

  • Store in the hat box supplied or an old pillowcase, which is wide enough not to distort the shape to keep your hat dust free.
  • Avoid storing your hat in direct sunlight or excessive heat for long periods.
  • Hats with wide brims are best stored crown down on a flat surface when not in use.
  • To preserve the shape of your brim and crown, pick up your hat with two hands on either side of the brim. Avoid one hand at the tip of your crown, the straw will weaken and avoid one hand at the brim, you will loose the straight line over time.
  • Support veiling by placing acid free tissue gently behind the trim before placing back in the box.
  • For uniquely-shaped designs, for example trim extensions or long feathers note the way your milliner has packed the hat and replicate when returning it to the box.